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Bought our fresh eggs? Steam 'em, don't boil 'em

Bought our fresh eggs? Steam 'em, don't boil 'em

Published Jan 15, 2017 by Tracy

When you think of a good, hearty, homemade breakfast, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Eggs. Delicious, firm white outsides with a creamy bright yellow center. Our delicious eggs. Fresh eggs are notoriously hard to peel.

The loss of life and words

Published Jan 7, 2017 by Tracy

We got back from my sheep shearing classes to find what was left after a neighbor's dog paid a little visit to the farm. After parking the truck, we stepped out to find our beloved FaFa duck's cold, stiff, lifeless body on the driveway. We were stunned but there was more to come.

How was your Christmas/New Year's holiday?

Published Dec 31, 2016 by Tracy

When we were childless, Chris and I rarely made a big deal out of Christmas. We had the one, obligatory, Charlie Brown tabletop Christmas tree. That was pretty much it. We both liked the holiday, but it is a bit too much decorating for us. And more importantly, too much taking down of decorations.

How I know it is the Christmas season

Published Dec 17, 2016 by Tracy

Remember salivating over the Sears Wish Book catalog as a kid, circling all of the things you wanted for Christmas? Yeah, that's totally happening right now.

You’ve got to know your chicken

You’ve got to know your chicken

Published Nov 16, 2016 by Tracy

We are finally taking this whole farming thing online! After five years of planting, watering, harvesting, hatching, plucking, sweating, failing, cursing, trying again, succeeding, toasting and doing it all over again, we are ready to start supplying our community with food.

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