You’ve got to know your chicken

You’ve got to know your chicken

Know your chicken

Published: Nov 16, 2016 by Tracy

“It’s alarming how charming it is to be a-farming How calming and balming the effect of the air.” Now I’m A Farmer, The Who

We are finally taking this whole farming thing online! After five years of planting, watering, harvesting, hatching, plucking, sweating, failing, cursing, trying again, succeeding, toasting and doing it all over again, we are ready to start supplying our community with food.

Why? Well the biggest reason is taste. We know how much better fresh, organically-grown and raised food tastes. We also know that not everyone has the space, time, money or enthusiasm to grow or raise their own. But it doesn’t mean they should miss out on the benefits of homegrown and home raised.

The standard tomato you get at the grocery store is just the tip of the nightshade iceberg. So many flavorful (and more vitamin-packed) varieties exist. Yet you won’t find them at a grocery store, where shelf-life dictates availability.

Imagine the pork that our grandparents, great-grandparents, and their forefathers ate. Flavorful meat that wasn’t “the other white meat”, but more pointedly “the other red meat.” Or eggs that stand perky and upright in the pan - a deep orange orb surrounded by sizzling white.

There is room for hassle-free convenience at America’s table, but does it mean we have to give up taste and nutrition?

We all have the power to change the way America eats, and thus the way Americans live. Whether you buy from us or some other farm in the Houston area, support our local farmers, appreciate their craft, and be a part of the change to a sustainable (and delicious) food economy.

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