Knitting, spit coffee and a surprise

Knitting, spit coffee and a surprise

Published: Mar 10, 2017 by Tracy

Things around here have been plodding along. Nothing really new to report, other than a bit of news I’ll share at the end of this post. I wondered about days like this before I even started this blog. Days where things are just … normal. I’m sure our version of normal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, just as I don’t feel monkey spit coffee is “the best part of waking up” and meeting the Queen of England wouldn’t be my idea of a good time. But I guess the whole point of a blog is for a sneak peek into other’s lives. That’s why I read the blogs I like. Yes, for hints and tips and recipes and reassurance that I’m not the only one who feels failure at a lack of guinea fowl giftedness or is seriously considering burying underwear.

I did finally finish knitting my house socks and I am currently wearing them. Even though it is probably around 80 degrees here today and my feet are sweating (and possibly smell). But dang it, I MADE THESE. I’m so proud of them I will probably wear them until I die.


I have already started on another two pairs. It’s so addicting! #MustKnitAllTheSocks

The only real excitement lately is this: We are currently looking for a surveyor to plot our land so that we can get some major fencing erected. I’m envisioning a fence-raising shindig. Now, this might not seem that interesting or even important, except for the reason WHY we need the fencing. I won’t spoil the moment, but let’s just say that not having fencing would be baa-d. (Yep. Bad jokes. I got em.)

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when the big moment (for us anyway) arrives.




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