Knit happens, sometimes

Published: Feb 6, 2017 by Tracy

The past couple of weeks have been all about knitting. I’d love to say that I’d finished up a few projects that are on my needles, but truthfully I am a slow knitter. It takes me forever just to whip out a scarf or a hat or something. I see people just clicking along at lightening speed and I envy their yarn magic. Who can compete with this?

Anyway, I’m trying to get through my first pair of knit socks, which has been fun to knit and has been a dream knit of mine for a long time. I was always very apprehensive about trying it, because quite frankly, it looks FREAKING HARD. But, as I flitted from one pattern to the next, convincing myself that I had to have the “perfect” pattern to even start, I realized I was wasting time. So I joined the Winwick Sockalong on Facebook, picked up my short circulars and got down to business.

First time doing socks, first time using a short circular needle, a lot of firsts. It will also be the last time I use this yarn. As much as I dig the color, it splits so easily and has already had two knots in the skein. Boo.


At the rate I’m going, I figure this pair of socks will be ready just in time for FF Boy’s high school graduation. Just kidding. But not really.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a sheep throw made from individual squares that I’ll knit together. I found a cute sheep dishcloth pattern and thought with heavier, worsted weight yarn, it might make a really cute blankie for the upcoming birth of a friend’s baby. So I’m knitting up squares as furiously as my little hands will agree (though admittedly, they are a little sore after using those tiny needles for the socks). I figure about 15 or so blocks and then I’ll stop to block the squares and piece it all together. Or maybe I will continue making squares ad nauseum and FF will have me committed.


Either way, I won’t be letting that time go to waste (provided they let me have knitting needles in the psych ward. Which I doubt. Plastic maybe? Do they make rubber knitting needles? These are the questions I ask myself.)

What projects are you working on? Do you see an end in sight? Will you be joining me in an adjacent, padded walled room?




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